About Us

Planning Tommorow's Community, Today

SV Group is a pioneer in India’s infrastructure industry, having executed landmark projects that have defined the country’s progress since 2006.

Maintaining our legacy of innovation in engineering and construction, we continue to add new milestones with every passing year, building world-class infrastructure and creating new opportunities for everyone.

  • Our team has decades of dedication in real esate and construction industry
  • Our customer service is contributed in keeping an immaculate track record in many prestigious ventures
  • Our Professional experts are passionate to innovate and deliver far more expectations to the customer

Chairman's Message:

Our country is known for its culture and tradition. Today, a more modern India is on the move to become a global leader in various sectors. However, what remains constant is the dream to possess a home.

This is a dream because it involves planning, budget and finally owning one, and this process is a long and tedious journey. A developed nation is always judged by the infrastructure”. The SV Group management team combines professionalism, experience, and expertise to turn dreams into luxury homes.

The key factors that guide and envision this dedicated team are reliability, stability and a focused outlook. Working in tandem with each other, right from sourcing of material to execution of every project, the development team takes pride in what they do and how they achieve their goals within a set time frame with quality at every stage being the benchmark of success. "Planning Tomorrows Community Today"